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Hello there! I'm Okward and yes, that does goes for my personality and my name... I guess my humor too. Anyways, I'm a starting youtuber with 50K+ Subs so be sure to check me out! :)


Moon Trip


I just want to say thank you, I saw your video 'you're important' I left a comment but just In case you didn't see it, I went through a really hard time and yesterday I nearly gave in for the second time. Thanks for helping me convince myself not to do it. (By the way we share a birthday, age and everything)

Well I’m glad I was able to help… Stay strong

Why did you do youtube in the first place? I've been thinking of doing YouTube for a while but I've never really set my mind to doing it :P

Depression and wanted to make others happy

So when's our wedding?

Idk I thought you were setting it up o.o

i'm 16 and i find it really amazing how people that are around our age become big youtubers. it's totally mindblowing to me.

yeah ikr its crazy

You should make a video where you are just singing. Cause you awesome

already did haha

Are you going to make another sing off video with everyone????

Thats the plan lol

What is your real name??? And can we be friends??

Its Idriys and sure lol

how would i be able to get more people to see my videos if I have virtually no friends in real life or on social networking?

Join a community and start making friends…

How old are you & would you rather skydive or bungee jumping

15 and uhhh I’m not good with heights so both sound like a death trap to me xD