Okward Industries

Hello there! I'm Okward and yes, that does goes for my personality and my name... I guess my humor too. Anyways, I'm a starting youtuber with 70K+ Subs so be sure to check me out! :)

What time do you sleep?

About 3-4 in the morning

hi okward <3 I love your videos (:


What's the lowest age you would date? How old are you?

Im 15 so prob like 14 lol

Idriys is a cool name. It sounds like a storybook character's name :3 I like it


*flips chair* hello cx

Hi there

in 2011 my sis's boyfriend was shot in front of me and then she was beaten to death. In 2013 one of my grandpas shot himself in my front yard and then the other one died of old age. For the past two days I've been in court and had to see pictures of the autopsy on my sister and hear the 911 call she made. Ive been on antidepressants for 3 years now and havent felt happy until I started watching your videos. Thank you so much for being a large part of my life and bringing me happiness one more.

Wow. I’m so sorry to hear that. Much love to your family! I’m glad to be able to help!